In 1966, Domenico Poggiali found a cellar set into the tufa hills of his estate. It was small, built of stone with a wide brick vault. Construction of an underground wine cellar connecting with the old stables, once home to fine horses, was completed in the early 1970s and is still used for aging.

In 1998, Giovanni and his father Giuseppe Poggiali introduced new technology into their winemaking techniques — stainless steel — instrumentation that allows more precision for winemakers and cellar masters. With this innovation, tradition is maintained and renewed, while remaining faithful to the values that characterizeFèlsina’s production: balance, consistency and style.

The great transformation of vinification and aging techniques and collaboration with laboratory technicians has not changed the heart of the winemaker. Guarding his wines, meticulous and careful, the same man whose job is quieter and introverted in the winter takes center stage during spring and summer.

The magic of harvest time, when the ripe grapes are plucked row by row and taken to the cellars, is the culmination of the work and lives of the farmers who have prepared the ground, planted and nurtured, feeding, cultivating, working the land, with great balance and respect, to preserve nature’s gift of perfection.