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Entra nel sito ufficiale di Felsina Berardenga. Scopri il nostro vino Chianti, Chianti Claassico e Sangiovese Felsina. Leggi dei nostri premi e dei nostri riconoscimenti.
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Berardenga extravirgin olive oil is a marriage of the olive varieties grown at Fèlsina, a blend in which each succeeds in expressing its own personality. This has enabled us to craft an oil that embodies the character of Tuscany and of our entire estate. Appearing a luminous green, it stands out for the remarkable intensity of its bitter and peppery properties, beautifully balanced with spice and herbaceous essences. It is the perfect accompaniment to Mediterranean dishes, vegetables, red meats, aged cheeses, as well as fine international dishes.


Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva.

Type of cultivar
Pendolino, Moraiolo, Raggiolo, Leccino.

Growing Area
All Olive tree of Fèlsina.

Olive tree density

Training system
Vase-shaped, Vase bush, Monocone.


With pitting machine.

Olive tree age
The olive groves were planted partly in the 60s, and the youngest in the 80s.


After harvesting, the olives are separated from the leaves by defoliation and washed in running water. They are then elevated to proceed to trial pitting, where is the separation of the pulp from the pit. Only the  pulp passes to the brakes, where a controlled temperature of 25°C is the kneading, which has times that vary from year to year and type by type. The dough is inside the decanter, where by centrifugation, is separated from the vegetable oil and olive pomace. Then, within 48 hours, is the oil filter.