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Entra nel sito ufficiale di Felsina Berardenga. Scopri il nostro vino Chianti, Chianti Claassico e Sangiovese Felsina. Leggi dei nostri premi e dei nostri riconoscimenti.
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Raggiolo Monocultivar Oil

An ancient Tuscan olive among the area’s most widely-planted. Vigorous, and wide-growing, bears elongated, oval olives that ripen late and in successive stages.

Appearing a sparkling green, it releases a forceful draught of fresh-mown grass, arugula, and artichoke. Multi-layered and superbly-balanced in the mouth, it offers spicy black pepper and artichoke, with medium-high intensity of bitterish and peppery sensations. It partners beautifully with all Mediterranean dishes, salads, vegetables, and cheeses. Simply outstanding drizzled over meat and fish.


Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva.
Type of cultivar
100% Raggiolo.
Growing Area
In tutti gli oliveti di Fèlsina.
Olive tree density
Training system
Vase-shaped, Vase bush, Monocone.

With pitting machine.

Olive tree age
The olive groves were planted partly in the 60s, and the youngest in the 80s.


After being picked, the olives are separated from the leaves and washed in running water, then the pulp is separated from the stone. Just the olive pulp goes in the malaxer, where it is kneaded at a temperature of 25°C; this process varies in length depending on the growing year and on the olive variety. The paste then goes into the decanter, which centrifuges it to separate out the oil from the vegetal water and low-quality pomace oil. Finally, the oil is filtered.