07 Nov | Sangiovese’s story


From the pages of “Sangiovese’s story“, written by Andrea Zanfi to tell the real essence of this vine variety, Giuseppe Mazzacolin talks about Fèlsina.
The publication, rich in photos and striking texts, has been realized in collaboration with journalists, enologists and experts in the field giving voice to companies that keep carrying on Sangiovese’s tradition between Tuscany and Romagna.
The pages dedicated to Fèlsina describe a rich and poetic area where the natural limit is marked by “rolling hills with their ancient fragrance of wheat wedged between Montalcino, Montepulciano, and these lands where you are born as Chianti. Lands that are dressed in the green of grapevines and woods, where the solitary oak begins to mix with ash trees, maples, and Mediterranean maquis“.

(from “Sangiovese’s story” by Andrea Zanfi)