Olio Felsina - 2021

The 2021 olive oil campaign is characterized by a lower yield and more limited quantity than in recent years, but qualitatively excellent for each of the four olive-varieties grown in Fèlsina.

From the manual harvest of the individual varieties, with the extraction of the pulp of olives (without stones) is born «The oil according to Veronelli». The olives are harvested separately according to the best time of ripeness and then crushed within four hours.

The oil is stored at a constant temperature in stainless steel containers, without contact with the air, and vacuum-bottled at the time of order. The result is a unique and identifiable oil, which respects the characteristics of each variety of olive.

The experience of tasting the mono-varietal oils is even more complete if paired with the right meal. How to find the perfect pairing for each of the 4 cultivars? Discover our suggestions!


Ancient variety and resistant to weather hazards, it produces an oil with an intense and brilliant green color. On the nose shows fresh notes of chives and celery leaf. On the palate the entry is soft and releases hints of fresh, slightly spicy almond in the finish. Try it with: baked cod with potatoes and confit tomatoes.


It takes its name from its hang-down branches and is the pollinator of olive groves. It makes a bright soft green oil. The nose is delicate, with hints of fresh almond, hazelnut, tomato leaf. On the palate, has a soft entry, then develops a delicious spicy pepper and curry. Try it with: ricotta ravioli with pumpkin cream and toasted hazelnuts


An oil that is intense and deep green. The nose is intense, reminiscent of artichoke, thistle, thyme and fresh almond. On the palate the note of artichoke returns and a persistent and moderately spicy finish. Try it with: black cabbage soup and cereals.


An ancient variety among the most widely grown in Tuscany. Intense green color, it shows lively notes of freshly mown grass, rocket and artichoke to the nose. In the mouth it is complex, full-bodied and balanced, with hints of black pepper and artichoke, medium bitter and spicy in the long finish. Try it with: grilled fillet with rosemary


A blend that integrates and enhances the diversity and uniqueness of each variety. Bright green in color, it stands out for the remarkable intensity of bitter and spicy notes beautifully balanced with spicy and herbaceous aromas. Try it with: the classic bruschetta of bread and fresh tomato