11 Mar | The 2019 harvest


The 2019 harvest was characterized by a generous yield and excellent quality.

The winter was cold, especially in January with temperatures even below 0°C. A mild climate and little rainfall characterized the months of February and March and until May the temperatures were 4°-5°C lower than average in previous years. This was very important to encourage a delayed growth and consequent slow restart of the vegetative phase.

The temperatures in the summer months were in average but with rainfalls concentrated in July, this was fundamental for a progressive and optimal ripening of the grapes without particular heat peaks or abundant rainfall.
Between September until mid-October, temperatures stabilized at the averages of previous years and the rains were well distributed.

The harvest was characterized by good weather which favored a harvest in several steps, the grapes were perfectly healthy in good quantity and qualitatively excellent. In addition the diurnal range in this month allowed the excellent phenolic ripening of the grapes.

We will expect great Sangiovese, exuberant, crispy, that will express themselves at their best in the long term.

The Berardenga Chianti Classico 2019 is getting ready to be bottled soon! And in a few months will be in your glass too! Contact us for more info welcome@felsina.it – +39 388 804 7352